Android Development Project

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the semester break. So, what are your plans for the break? Maybe learn something new or prepare for a national or international event? Anyone? No? Actually, whatever we might have planned for this break, deep down we all know that we will eventually just pass the time by sleeping and watching movies or reading some new books, don’t we? Not if we have a solid plan!

If you are a mobile app developer or interested in it, you might have already heard about IEEE madC. If not, just know that madC stands for ‘Mobile Application Development Contest’ and it’s one of the biggest platforms for undergraduate students to showcase their mobile app development skills. It’s an international event where university students from all around the world participate. So, if you are a mobile app developer or are interested in app development, you should definitely seize this opportunity.

madC is usually organized at the end of every year (the idea stage starts from September-October), so we still have plenty of time to learn and practice. Keeping that in mind, we would like to start a project on which all the mobile app developers of INSB would work together. If you already know android development, please fill up the form attached with this post to join us as a collaborator. You can take help from online while filling it up. If you are an iOS developer, then please comment the link to your project repositories. You are also required to know git in order to collaborate.

So, you are interested in android development but don’t know where to start? Fear not, follow these tutorials to get started.
User Interface:–ud834
User Input:–ud836
Multiscreen apps:–ud839
Data Storage:–ud845
We will be starting the project after the semester begins, so even if you don’t know android development yet you still have the chance to join us after finishing up these tutorials. These may look big, but it’s possible to finish at least four of them during the vacation.

google form:
deadline: 15-04-2019